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The Knight

In the event that a tornado comes through the area where you live, or an intruder breaks into your home, having a safe place to go is paramount. Survival Zone Safe Rooms offers peace of mind with EF-5 rated protection from its safe room model. The Knight tested at Texas Tech’s Debris Impact Facility. This safe room has ¼ thick walls, roof and door, with the four corners and lip that forms the bottom perimeter of the safe room are bent/broke to form a very stout safe room giving double the thickness to the corners being ½ structure. The Knight has an inward swinging door and is also completely seal welded on the outside of the safe room- like all of our other models.

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The Tank

The Tank

Ready for the most popular and highest standard of protection? Contact us today!

The Knight

The Knight

Ready to add superior protection to your home? The Knight might be right for you.

Survival Zone Logo
A white storm shelter with a 'SURVIVAL ZONE' logo stands prominently in the foreground on a flat grassy field, with a dramatic tornado visible in the distance under a dark, stormy sky, highlighting the shelter's purpose in severe weather conditions.

three generations of storm shelter building

Welcome to Surival Zone Safe Rooms. Our team of experienced welders have been manufacturing EF-5 rated, above ground, steel safe rooms since 2004. With well over a decade of experience in manufacturing safe rooms we have honed our safe rooms to be strong and overbuilt for the ultimate safety conditions.

manufacturing the highest quality Storm Shelters

At Survival Zone Safe Rooms, we offer our customers peace of mind when the tornado sirens go off, safety in dangerous weather or home invasions, top-tier quality construction, and the lifesaving ability to truly protect what matters.

A white storm shelter with a 'SURVIVAL' logo on the door is installed inside a building with a concrete floor and a light fixture overhead, indicating a secure space designed for protection and emergency situations.

flexibility in design

Being able to meet our customers needs at any opportunity is very important to us. We are able to craft custom storm shelters that will fit in to the desired location and provide individuals with a top end product and experience that they will be hard pressed to find anywhere else

meeting your needs

As a manufacturer, Survival Zone Safe Rooms is able to provide not only the standard sizes in our storm shelters, but also make available to our customers custom sizes for their safe room, if need be, in order to meet their specific needs- at no additional cost compared to the standard dimensions it would be altered from. 

A smiling woman and man stand proudly next to a large white storm shelter with the 'SURVIVAL' logo in a garage with wooden walls and a corrugated metal ceiling, suggesting a commitment to safety and preparedness in their home environment.
safe rooms


defend your family


ultimate safety

  • Keep your family safe in dangerous weather

  • Have peace of mind when the sirens go off

  • We help you protect what matters

  • Manufacturer who oversees their product from start to finish 

  • Rated for EF-5 tornados

  • Meeting FEMA 320 and ICC-500 on every model

  • Engineer-stamped drawings

  • Tested at Texas Tech’s Debris Impact Facility

  • Manufacturing safe rooms since 2004

  • Straight From the manufacturer


“I compared eight different manufacturers products, but I went with survival zone because there product was a thicker gauge steel than competitors and the steel work was cleaner looking as well. I got my storm shelter installed in about 45 minutes after the installation crew arrived. In my next house I will purchase another one from them as well.” 


—   Jon Warden

Survival Zone Logo
Storm Shelters

Contact us to experience the highest and most reviewed safe room company.

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday: 8:00 am-7:00 pm

Saturday: 11:00 am-3:00 pm

Sunday:   Closed

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Survival Zone Safe Rooms is run by a family that has three generations of storm shelter and safe room building experience and we’re located just north of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The owners, David Jones, and Cody Jones, are experienced welders, who have been manufacturing EF-5 rated, above ground, steel safe rooms since 2004. In 2017, we started retailing our own brand: Survival Zone. This step has given us the freedom to implement the unique ideas we have been able to deliver to families. We have raised the bar for the level of quality for storm shelters here in Oklahoma, while simultaneously maintaining a price that is affordable and better than they can find elsewhere. 


What does it mean to be ‘FEMA-compliant’?

A safe room is a hardened structure that is specifically designed to meet FEMA criteria and provide near-absolute protection in extreme weather events. Each model of our safe rooms meets FEMA 320 and ICC-500. Buildings or spaces designated for use as a shelter from tornadoes and/or hurricanes must meet the requirements in ICC-500. To be considered a FEMA safe room, the structure must be designed and constructed to the guidelines specified in FEMA 320, which all of our safe rooms meet. We take the care to meet these guidelines on all of our models to ensure your family has the utmost safety when a storm hits.  


Have your safe rooms been tested?

Yes. Our models have been tested at Texas Tech’s Debris Impact Facility. The Debris Impact Test Facility is a twenty-year internationally acclaimed test laboratory for debris impact testing of storm shelters. At the facility, there is a pneumatic cannon capable of firing objects propelled by high wind speeds during a tornado and/or hurricane. This cannon is crucial in testing effective tornado shelters for use in homes and other structures.

I’m worried I might not have enough space in my house for a safe room. What are my options?

Being able to meet our customers' needs at any opportunity is very important to us here at Survival Zone Safe Rooms. We are able to craft custom safe rooms that will fit into your desired location at no additional cost. We can even custom build a safe room to fit underneath the staircase of a new home being constructed. Unlike other companies, our custom safe rooms do not cost extra for the customer, because our goal is to give people a truly affordable solution to being protected from the elements and outside threats. Check out the gallery on our products’ pages for more examples of unique installations.

How long will the installation take?

The installation of our safe rooms is typically started and completed in just under an hour’s time and our scheduling revolves around our customers’ schedules. 

Can you explain the structure of the safe rooms? 

While most safe room companies weld angle around the bottom of their safe rooms to bolt into, Survival Zone Saferooms bends a lip around the bottoms making it stronger.  We use 3/4 Wej-it brand anchor bolts to bolt down and secure our 3/8 plate steel. Our most popular model, The Tank, has a door made from a 3/8 thick plate steel just like the walls. It is reinforced even further by having a 3 structure bracing the door’s backside. In addition, it has three sets of hinge pins and lock pins that are accessible and visible from inside the room. The door uses hinge pins and 7/8 sliding lock pins, both made out of cold-rolled steel. At Survival Zone Safe Rooms we also include a grade 1 lock on our doors so that home and business owners can store valuable possessions inside and then lock them up in order to be secure. There is also a peep sight on all of our safe room doors allowing its occupants to see outside and have an idea of what is going on within the vicinity.


Does the door swing to the inside or outside? Which is safer?

The door on all our models swings to the inside. This design choice for an inward swinging door is because if some sort of debris or other obstruction were to lean against the safe room door, the occupants inside could still open the door and safely exit the safe room after the event of a tornado. Both inward and outward-swinging doors have benefits, but inward-swinging doors are less likely to be blocked by debris. Always keep an emergency kit in your safe room in the rare event that extremely heavy debris blocks the door. The kit can include tools to open damaged doors such as a crowbar, jack, or spreader. Refer to the FEMA website for more information on emergency kits in the event of a tornado or hurricane. 


How do I get a quote for the services I am looking for?


You can call (918) 371-2288 or enter your information into the contact form on our website and we will get in touch with you.


Do you do free estimates?

Yes. We currently do free estimates. Call our number or fill in the contact form to get more information on estimates on the services you are searching for. 


What areas do you serve?

We service a variety of locations across the United States. We are based here in Oklahoma and are currently servicing areas across the midwest including, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. We have done installations in Virginia and Tennessee as well, so if you don’t see your state listed under ‘Areas We Serve’ on our website, fill out a contact form and the owner will contact you to let you know if we can do an installation in your area. 


Why choose Survival Zone Safe Rooms?

People choose us because we offer a very competitive price, are professional, and have decades of experience. We also have cleaner steelwork than our competitors and can install a safe room in around 45 minutes. We take pride in every unit we build as if it was going to our own house to protect our family. Our products meet all of the FEMA requirements and we offer custom installations at no additional cost. We take pride in each safe room we build to ensure your safety against any storm, tornado, or home invasion.

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